Personal Apology Letter Example

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A personal apology letter is crucial for the sender and the recipient as well because it is an act of humbleness on the part of the sender to send a personal apology letter to be apologetic and regret over an incident which though indirectly related to the sender, he still holds himself responsible for the slip up and desires to solve the matter.


Victoria Browns,
Primus supplies
Kingston Road
West Dakota, IL

Jan 14, 2015


Ms. Rose Winget
Sales Manager
Ashton Management Services
3994 Hollywood
Rodeo Drive, Ca 9944

Dear Madam,

Subject: Personal Apology

Kindly accept my personal and modest apologies for the mistake that I made on behalf of my boss, Mr. Jeffery Conary, with regards to your appointment the past week.

I am aware of the trouble caused to you by my error. It is with my sincere regrets that I misunderstood our conversation regarding the appointment date. I was not in a good mood due to some personal family problems and hence was not able to concentrate completely on the work, which led to this misunderstanding. Kindly accept my genuine apologies over this error and I assure not to repeat such mistakes ever again.

As a gesture of apology, I’ve fixed your appointment with Mr. Conary on the coming Wednesday. I hope you’ll consider this matter and Primus Supplies look forward to advance business collaboration with you and your honored company.


Victoria Browns

Apology Love Letter Sample

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An Apology love letter is written when one finds it hard to apologize in person with a loved one. Often, in relationships minor disputes occur which might end up into unpleasant and stressful fights. If such differences are not solved out, the situation can go bad, leading the trust to break. It is generally very difficult to confess one’s mistake particularly when loved ones know with each other very well or maybe when both the persons are too annoyed to talk and listen.

Robert Dunne
12-16 Clerkenwell Road
London EC1M 5PQ

April 12, 2014


Kate Marshall
3 Jordan Street
M15 4PY
My Darling Kate

Subject: Apology for not spending enough time

I want to apologize for not spending enough time with you for past 2-3 weeks. I was really busy with my work at the office and so I was not able to meet you. I know you are upset but I really want you to know what exactly happened. The company got a huge order on urgent basis and we were given just 3 weeks to complete it. The boss insisted everybody for doing overtime. Honey, I’ve even skipped lunch many times due to the busy work schedule.

I know I messed up every time you called me on phone. I am sorry for being rude and not calling you back. I know, you are mad at me by this time and apologizing will not compensate but I want you to know that you mean world to me. I can never imagine my life without you. Please forgive me love.

I miss you and I am really sorry sweetheart. I promise, it would never ever happen again and if in case I’ll get stuck in office work, I’ll surely spare some free time for you. I hope you forgive me.

I love you.


Apology Letter for Late Payment

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Late Payment Apology Letter is for use when sending a creditor a payment which is past the due date. This letter sets out the name of the creditor, the amount of the payment, the due date, account number and the date when the payment was sent. It also apologizes for the delay in making the payment and the reason why the payment is late.

Andy Reynolds,
Store Manager,
Hopkins Medical Store,
Claire Street,
Ohio - 4141.


Josh Wilson,
General Manager,
Smith Pharmacy,
12/2, Doorway Street,
Ohio - 4141.

Subject: Letter to apologize for the late payment of bills.

Dear Mr. Josh Wilson,

Through this letter, I apologize to you for the inconvenience caused to you, owing to the late payment of bills from my side. This was not intended, and considerable loss in business due to office relocation issues has made it impossible for me to pay the bills on the discussed date.

This is the first instance that our organization has not cleared the bills on time, and we would really appreciate it, if you give us an extension of one month to pay the dues. I assure you that I will pay back all my dues on_____(date). I sincerely regret this delay in the payment of bills, and promise you that I would make sure such a delay doesn't occur in the future. Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Reynolds

Apology Letter for Stealing

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You may need to write a formal letter of apology if you have stolen from a business, if it will prevent the business owner filing charges or to prevent further, disciplinary actions. You may also choose to write an apology letter yourself if you sincerely feel regretful towards the deed you've done.

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Apology Letter for Mistake

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Dear {Recipient}

Please accept my deepest apologies for my mistake in regard to {state mistake}.

It was not my intention to create such an awkward and embarrassing situation for {you, institution, the team, company, etc…}.

If there was any good that came out of this unfortunate experience, it is that I have grown and learned alternative approaches to these situations.

Please feel free to let me of your thoughts and concerns over this matter. You can reach me at {email, phone number}.


Sorry Letter to Cousin

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On July 20, 2013



Sun Valley, Idaho

June 11, 2012

Dear Libby,

I am so sorry about what happened the other night and I feel really bad that we fought over something so petty and trivial. I regret every word I said to you and how I hurt you with my behavior. It all started because of a misunderstanding and things just kept piling up in my mind. I know that I should have told you what is bothering me way before things got out of hand. But instead I went to Artie and told me what was hurting me. I did not mean to gossip about you or say mean things about you.

But I was so angry that I needed to vent. Please believe me that I did not mean half the things I said. I do not blame Artie for coming and telling everything to you because some way or another you would have to come to know this anyway. I just wished I had come to you first to clear things up instead of getting other people in our family involved.

Please forgive me for everything I did to hurt you and I hope we can have a good time Cousin Danny’s wedding.

Yours sincerely


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Sorry Letter to Boyfriend

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This letter is written by a girl to her boyfriend to apologize for her decision to end the relationship with him. She states that he has done nothing wrong, but feels that her decision is for the best and that they should not see each other for a while.

1st Aug 2013


Emma Hodgson
56 Five ways
CA23 7TH


Sam Jackson,
45 Westfield drive
CA24 7FD

Subject: Sorry

Dear Sam,

I am writing you this letter to express to you my deepest feelings from my heart. I am so sorry but I know in my heart it is time we ended our relationship. We met when we were so young, and our lives have just grown apart.

I will always remember the special times we shared when we were at college together, and you will always be a special person to me, but I know that we now need to go our separate ways.

I am so sorry to have to write to you to tell you this news, and please remember that you have always been a wonderful boyfriend and person to me, and I wish you all the best for the future. I feel it best that we do not stay in contact, at least for a while,